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Thank you

First of all. Thank you for visiting this website. It has been interesting and fun to create. We hope that you, dear user, will have found it useful in some manner.

Minha casa é sua casa

The website presence is so important nowadays that many companies do not even design their physical headquarters to impress any more. But here we invite you inside to share. "Nossa casa é a sua casa" - Our house is your house.

With our best regards,

The Website Team

Design Criteria

Primavera website logoOur old website was in a miserable state never having been properly finished. For this we must apologize. Replacing with a new website was an obvious decision. Originally we thought that a website for a crop producer like Primavera is of lesser importance. But we have changed our opinion. Our headquarters are in the interior of Brazil - very far away from our clients. Also we have people working with us around the world, who need to stay in touch. Finally, the web presence is becoming more and more important.

For our new website we had many criteria. Ease of use, smart presentation, minimalistic design, fast, application quality, transmitting our message, gathering input and many more. The design document is rather large and not updated. You are looking at the result, which we think is reaching towards what we wanted to accomplish

HTML5 CSS3Technically speaking, we wanted a website using the most up to date web standard. For this we have chosen HTML5 and CSS3. The idea is to create an application feel and to be compatible across all browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari and more. To function on all devices: desktops, notebooks, tablets and smarthphones. And this independently of the operating systems: Android, I/OS, OS/X, Windows, Linux and so on. We initially wanted to support even old browsers and operating systems. And we do to a degree. But we do recommend you to consider updating to a recent version of a browser, if you have not already, as it gives you more security and it enables this and many other websites to their fullest.

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How do I use this website? Well, it is easy; you just click, point and swipe as you would other websites. We have tried not to include too many quirky functions. However, we have chosen some functions, you may not be familiar with. Here they are:

The main menu

HTML5 CSS3 The main menu of the top of the screen should be easy to use. You should just be aware that there are submenus to some of the menu items. They are easy to recognize as they will have an indicator to the right. Menu items which have sub menus do not lead to other pages by themselves. Here is the main menu shown folded out:

Picture- and gallery-viewer

HTML5 CSS3 Pictures on this website often react to clicks. For an example try the pictures on the gallery page. In many cases you will be able to see a larger version in a picture viewer. It sometimes can be enlarged even further by pressing the icon in the top right corner of the picture.
If the picture belongs to a group of pictures, then the picture viewer becomes a gallery viewer:

  • Go to next picture: Use the right arrow key or click in the arrow right icon
  • Go to previous picture: Use the left arrow key or click in the arrow left icon
  • Start a slide show: Press the play icon
  • Pause a slide show: Press the pause icon
  • Exit picture viewer/slideshow: Press escape, click outside the picture or click to close icon (x)
Click here or on the picture above for illustration (pdf document).


A carousel on this website is an automatic slideshow where the picture automatically changes. The homepage has two carousels. You can click on some pictures to view larger versions in the picture viewer - if so the carousel will pause until you close the picture viewer. You may also use the arrow keys to move back and forth between images.
Here is an example from the home page:

Social networks

HTML5 CSS3The top left corner of each page contain icons for facebook and twitter. They both lead to, respectively, our facebook page and our tweets


HTML5 CSS3On top of every page is a possibility to change language. You simple choose between languages in the dropdown. The choice will be remembered until you choose another language.
To translate we use google translate. Therefore it is not a perfect translation. The Portuguese version we will tweek until it becomes good (by using Google Translate tools), but the other languages are what you see is what you get. The behind the scenes language of this website is English. After choosing language you will notice short delay as you page is translated on the fly.


The website is enabled to use gestures such as swipes and pointing for devices accepting this. Also the mousewheel is enabled.

Page not found

If there is a mistake in this website with a bad page reference or a otherwise introduced URL contains a reference to a non existing page on www.primaveracrops.com the 404.html page is shown. Try it. The birds, if not the whole page, is our easter egg - a small joke. It works on most but not all browsers. This page should only appear extremely rarely or never for most users. Please advise us if you find any dead linkst.


Problems or comments

We have tested this website on different operating systems and different browsers. All in all 148 combinations. We have also tried to thoroughly review all pages and the information contained herein. But we are aware that there will be problems and omissions. You may also have comments on things you do not like or even things you like.
If for any reason at all you have anything to communicate, please contact the webmaster. We are grateful for your time spent, and really enjoy hearing from you.


We would like to thank all testers, reviewers and content contributors.
Also we would like to sincerely thank the cool software suppliers below for their great free software.
jquery framework, jquery
flexslider, woothemes
caroufredsel, dev7Studios
for the layout inspiration, eGrappler
jquery logo