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We are a Brazilian food producer with origins back to 1950. The current company construction is around 18 years old. Presently we have affiliate offices in China, South Korea, the Middle East and Portugal. The headquarters are in the Brazilian state of Tocantins.

The company is the owner of large areas of land principally in Tocantins but also in the states of Maranhão, Bahia, Pará and Mato Grosso.

Tocantins is the most recent state in Brazil and is only 24 years old. It has a huge growth potential and is indeed one of the fastest growing areas of Brazil. It has a modern infrastructure and a very business friendly state government.

Our Administrative Director, Mr. Moacir Vieira de Almeida is an agronomic engineer and pioneer in the state of Tocantins concerning soybean production. In fact, Primavera is considered as one of the companies with most knowledge in this area.

Soybeans are our major crop but we also produce other crops such as yellow corn. Our potential production capacity of soybeans is 2,000,000 metric tons a year.

We can increase this production capacity 5,000,000 metric tons by using a network of other producers all organized under Primavera.

Our company directors and principals have specialist knowledge in such diverse fields as agronony, business management, project management, marketing, sales, economy, finance, law, logistics, shipping, exports and information technology.

Our primary business is exporting directly to clients outside Brazil. We prefer long term relationships and guarantee a quality product delivered in accordance to agreement and of course on time.

To get an idea of our business we would like to invite you to come see for yourself our land, the state of Tocantins, the capital of Tocantins: Palmas and to have meetings with government officials and of course with us.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised to find a dynamic and modern business in a dynamic and very fast growing region of Brazil.

Mission statement

Primavera is to become a reference Brazilian producer of cereals and other products. The primary focus is on producing soybeans, yellow corn and lifestock. We will also actuate in the refinement of our own products as well as selling refined products from partners.

Our aim is to be the largest producer in Tocantins and among the largest in Brazil.

Our products will be of the highest quality. We believe in scientific methods and we will be in the vanguard of agronomy using both proven methods and the most modern technologies. We work in a sustainable manner with respect for nature and man.

We want to be known for honesty and integrity as someone you can trust. We will always act with dilligence in a timely manner to ensure this.

We will export directly to international end clients offering a total and transparent solution.

Also outside farming will we be known for our professionalism in diverse areas such as: Management, International Sales, Marketing, Information Technology, Finance and Logistics.

Primavera must be an attractive work place for its employees. It will be known for respect, fairness, equal treatment, good pay and good working conditions. Primavera employees are helpful, take initiative and depend on each other.

A secondary strategic goal for Primavera is to strongly support or initiate projects of a social character within Brazil with special focus on areas where Primavera is established. We will pay special attention to the weakest and less fortunate in society.

Our business must be as profitable as possible within our moral guidelines to ensure the company and all its goals.

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