Primavera sales is an important function of the company as the sales representatives have the direct contact with the clients


Presently we have an international sales offices in South Korea and China. Furthermore, we have international representatives in the Middle East

This means a fairly large number of skilled sales representatives are available with local and international expertise to take care of our clients. The sales effort is managed by local representives and Mr. Pierre A. Larsen who in charge of marketing.

What we sell

We only sell agricultural products. But we do also sell some refined soybean products such as soybean meal, especially, but also soybean oil, soybean milk, animal feed, coffee and sugar. We like to sell products produced or derived from products produced by ourselves. However, we also are associated with many other farmers From time to time we sell on their behalf. In addition we can ask them to produce for us, when we run out of own production capacity.

Export License

To export from Brazil it is necessary to have an export license. We are one of the only companies in Tocantins to have a rare and valuable export license covering all of Brazil with no limit on the type of product and at very large annual amounts. The license is even an open license value wise. This means the values may be extended with a simple bureaucratic procedure. With this license we can sell just about anything to international clients. By choice, we only use the licence for the products mentioned above.

Type Of Sales We Like

Customer relationship is very important to us. We prefer to deal with the end client directly and we prefer to keep long term relations. We basically enter into two kinds os sales. Spot sales, which often are to be delivered immediately or soon. But our primary sales effort is on planting and producing for specific clients. This permits us to have the good long term customer relations as well as controlling price, quality and delivery to our high criteria.

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