The State of Tocantins


Tocantins is the newest Brazilian state

Tocantins is located in the central part of the northern region of Brazil.

Its capital is the youngest city of the country: Palmas. The largest fluvial island of the world, Bananal, is placed in this zone.

The largest cities of Tocantins are Araguaína, Gurupi, Puerto Nacional and Palmas.

The economy of the State is based on agriculture, trade and cattle.

The city of Palmas, like Brasilia, was constructed on a strategic location, the central zone; in this way, the city is able to drive the development of its diverse regions along the four cardinal points.

A couple of places to visit (out of many):

-Region of Bananal Island (Parks of Cantão and Araguaia)

-Park of Jalapão

It is really pleasant to travel around Tocantins State. There are many beautiful landscapes, the roads are in good conditions, the food is delicious and the people are warm. If you want to see wild animals, it is better to camp and have a journey by river.

The infrastructure of Palmas is of high quality. Its airport permits the landing of large airplanes. There are north and south bound trains. The river has recently been opened up to transport to the sea. This is highly interesting because all soybean farming areas in the USA are located next to river transport."

Tocantins has a huge growth potential and is indeed one of the fastest growing areas of Brazil. It has a very business friendly state government.

Map of Tocantins

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