• A food and feed producer

  • We are farmers

  • We produce a lot of soybean, but we also grow other crops

  • Tocantins, Brazil

  • The capital of Tocantins, Palmas, a planned city little more than 25 years old

  • Current main office in Palmas

  • We are growing: New office from February

  • Primavera, Brazil

Our products are all grown by us

We are a producer of food and feed. We are the fortunate owners of 450,000 ha of the best land for agriculture in Maranhão, Pará, Mato Grosso and Bahia. We plant and harvest products such as soybeans and corn as well as other crops on a number of farms in 10 different areas. We have a production capacity of up to 5.000.000 tons of soybean per year. Our preference is to work directly with end clients. We have all the necessary know-how of planning, production, shipping and international finance.
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The state of Tocantins in Brazil

It may not be paradise, but at times we forget. Tocantins is the newest federal state in Brasil. It has a breathtaking beauty that must be seen to be believed. Most of our land is in Tocantins and this is where we are headquartered. As a new state the growth is phenomenal. This is one of the most dynamic places on Earth.
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The latest news are here

  • We have released a new presentation of the company as a Powerpoint slideshow: Slideshow
  • We have finished planting soybeans - and it looks great. After the first soybeans (planted in november) is harvested we will plant yellow corn
  • We went for a 800 km visit to Jalapão, a state park here in Tocantins. Mostly to enjoy nature, but also to have a look at some land nearby.
  • Early morning impressions from a farm
  • Trip by helicopter to inspect a few farms. We took a few pictures
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Illustrating what we are about

About Us

We are a Brazilian food producer with origins back to 1950. The current company construction is around 19 years old. Currently we have International Sales offices in South Korea and China. We have affiliate offices in Portugal and the Middle East.

The company is the owner of very large areas of farm land principally in the Brazilian state of Tocantins but also in the states of Maranhão, Pará, Mato Grosso and Bahia.

Soybeans are our major crop but we also produce other crops such as maize. Our potential production capacity of soybeans is above 1,000,000 metric tons a year.

We can increase this production capacity by using a network of over 30 other producers all organized under Primavera.

Why Us


We take pride in our work and the quality of our products. We produce everything from genetically modified, GMO, crops, to non GMO and even organic products. We rotate crops and run a sustainable business. No rain forest was cut down for our farms. We use scientific as well as old and proven methods. All our managing farmers are agronomists.


When we make a promise we keep it. We deliver quality products on time always. We want close and long term relations with our clients, and deal as directly as possible.


The people in our company are highly qualified and educated. We have expertise in agronony, business management, project management, marketing, sales, economy, finance, law, logistics, shipping, exports and information technology.


We invite you to have a look at this website, ask for more information, or even come visit us if you are interested in buying our products. If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact us