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Marketinfo Brazil
Agrolink website - news
Agrolink news
Agrolink, quotes corn
Corn quotes
Agrolink, quotes soybeans
Soybean quotes
RuralBR, website - news
Noticias Canal Rural
RuralBR, quotes soybeans and soymeal
Soymeal quotes
Noticias Agricolas, website - news
Noticias Agricolas, quotes soybeans and soymeal
Soybean quotes
Noticias Agricolas, quotes corn
Corn quotes
Terms and definitions
International Commercial Terms
Trade terms and helper
Trade terms
Some explanations on letters of credit
Letters of credit
Soybeans transport by ship
Soybeans meal transport by ship
Soybeans meal
Maize (corn) transport by ship
Wheat transport by ship
About containers
Stowage factor
About soybeans
General info
FGIS (American) soybean/soymeal specifications (goog explanation)
Document, PDF
How the Global Oilseed and Grain Trade Works (very informative)
Nearly a book, PDF
Statistics soybean production US (and the world)
Statistics 2011
History of soybeans
Document, PDF
Soybeans meal processing
Document, PDF
About Maize
General info
About Brazil
The currency, Real
5 Facts about the Real
CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade)
Soybeans quotes (futures)
The price is in US cents per bushel. There are 36.744 bushels in a metric ton
Soymeal quotes (futures)
The price is in USD per metric ton
Corn quotes (futures)
The price is in US cents per bushel. There are 39.368 bushels in a metric ton
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